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Date of birth: 10.08.2002



Ezop Int. CH., Rus. CH., Balt. CH., Lat. CH., Lit. CH., Est. CH., Bel. CH., Rom. CH., Lux. CH., RKF CH., Grand CH., 3-National Club CH.


Izolda Rus. CH..


Severny Strazh has a perfect champion pedigree which traces its roots back to Republic of South Africa - the distant and exotic native land of Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Severny Starzh is a hereditary National Club Champion. Many of his famous and titled ancestors were honoured with this title: AMAR RUSINOV, SABU ALEXANDER, ODA EKZOTIC, EZOP, IZOLDA.

At the national show of Rhodesian ridgebacks in 2002 his father Ezop and his mother Izolda were acknowledged as the best male and best female. Izoldas head was assigned as the best! So Severny Strazh is a deserved descendant of deserved parents.

Severny Strazh started his way of champion when he was a puppy. At his first show he was appreciated at his true value: Best Puppy, Great prospects. Indeed! All the shows were won with great ease. Severny Strazh always became the best of opposite sex (BOS), the Best of the Breed (BOB), he repeatedly won BIG. It is significant that all the victories were won only at the important All-Russian and International dog shows under the panel of well-known experts:

President of the Kennel Club of RSA Greg Ivo

FCI President H. Muller

L. Vong - RSA

O. Nevo Israel

R. Ruppert - USA

K. Reisinger - Austria

One cannot but mention their favourable reports about Severny Strazh


2003 International dog show Nevskiy Winner

Severny Strazh won CW, BOS, BOB. The expert H. Muller (FCI President) pointed to the splendid proportions of his head, strong bones, well-angulated limbs, balanced free movements.


2004 International dog show Pskov Souvenir.

The expert Greg Ivo was delighted with the proportions of his head and his body. He appreciated his natural harmony and especially pointed that the real ridgeback must be like Severny Strazh.

2004 International dog show Yuvaskyla (Finland)

The victory was not an easy one. The other dogs-participants having the highest titles in Finland and other European countries met at the ring. The expert Gunnel Holm (Finland) qualified Severny Strazh as the winner and the Best of the Breed (BOB).


There were a lot of brilliant victories


At the dog show Eurasia-2005 Severny Strazh became BOS again. The expert was K.Reisinger. But Strazhs highest achievement has been the victory at the Eurodogshow-2005.

2005 Eurodog show-2005 Austria, Tulln.

Severny Strazh, one of 155 competitors, became the Europe Champion 2005 and the Best of the Breed!


It is significant that Severny Strazh is the first ridgeback of Russian breeding who has become the Europe Champion!

National Show in Moscow in 2005 was very interesting and exciting. In the class of National Club Champions Severny Strazh and his father Ezop met face to face. The choice was not easy for the expert O. Neva (Israel). The comparison took much time. They were real rivals. Severny Strazh won! It was a really brilliant victory!


Severny Strazh has proved to be a perfect stud dog.


Antirabic vaccination test Finland, 2004

Dysplasia test was made in Finland in 2004

HD-A completely free from dysplasia.
Elbows 0/0

Test: T-1

Classification: selected breeding

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